NuFarm General Hydroponic BLOOM fertilizer:  Early, Middle, and Late Bloom phases.    206 547 2202 

Hydroponics: adjust pH to 5.6, over the next few days let rise to 6, then adjust to 5.6
Soil or Coco: adjust nutrient solution to 5.8


EARLY BLOOM:  2 teaspoon General MICRO (dark)
                                1 teaspoon General GROW (green)
                                3 teaspoon General BLOOM (pink)

This stage starts after the leaf mass has been developed, and the light cycle (photoperiod) has been adjusted to bloom. The early bloom stage lasts about 14 days. Gradually add more Bloom nutrient and decrease the Grow nutrient until the next stage is reached.

MIDDLE BLOOM:  2 teaspoon General MICRO (dark)
                                  1 teaspoon General GROW (green)
                                  4 teaspoons General BLOOM (pink)

Large leaf production has ceased and flowers are forming.

This stage usually lasts about 2 weeks, depending on the type of plant genetics.

LATE BLOOM:   2 teaspoon General MICRO (dark)
                              4 teaspoons General BLOOM (pink)

This stage starts after growth virtually ceases, and the fruit is ripening or finishing.

It lasts about 2-4 weeks, but this can be prolonged with special conditions or certain varieties.  For flavor, add also Budswell guano tea. If in hydroponics, use a good filter.

Directions are at the high end for optimal growth conditions for short-season strains. Long-season varieties need less fertilizer.  Overdose results in browning of the leaf tips about 3 days after application. If plants show signs of stress, reduce nutrient strength. An underdose is expressed as yellowing of the leaves about 3 days after application.   If this happens, gradually add more fertilizer. The first time you use any fertilizer,  reduce recommended levels by about 25% until you get feedback from the plants.

Handy tips: CO2  partially compensates for high temperature and/or low humidity.

Optimum: temperature = 76* F. relative humidity range = 48-57%. light = 5500 fc.  With high  temperature and low humidity conditions, use less fertilizer; with high light   intensity and high CO2 levels, use more fertilizer. If you're using real soil (which has   organic nutrients), use less fertilizer. To prevent nutrient build-up in soil or coco, fertilize every time you water, but every time you water, add enough (fertilized) water to flush the medium, and discard the run-off water.

1 gallon=4 quarts=8 pints=16 cups=256 tbls=768 tsp>
1 cup=16 tbls=48 tsp; 1 tsp=80 drops=5 ml; 1 tbls=3 tsp=15 ml
1 fluid ounce=2 tbls=6 tsp; 1 cc or ml=.0338 oz; 1 qt=32 oz=.946 liter