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Life Light Digimax Spinning Light Systems

Runs either Life Light CMH or PSMH Bulbs
4 Light system -- $2,500
2 Light system -- $1,600

Why Spin ?
  • Spinning your lights can increase the intensity and amount of light received by your garden, without adding heat.
  • Spinning fixtures allow your lamps to run cooler, increasing their longevity.
  • In conjunction with spinning, relocating the lamps at the edge of the fixture allows you to effectively mix spectrums (HPS & PSMH or full spectrum lamps) and increase your foot print.

To avoid plant killing heat associated with stationary grow lights, the lamp must be kept at a greater distance from the plants. As you move your lamp further and further from your plants, they receive less and less light energy.

By spinning your lamps you reduce lamp temperatures and decrease the mounting height of fixture, creating higher light levels. You can now utilize more of the energy you are paying for, in the form of light, not heat.

Because of the unique array design of these fixtures, your garden sees far more light (not shadows) due to the array affect, penetrating your garden from multiple angles, Less shadows means more photosynthesis which results in greater yields and lower operating costs.

Light Rail 3.5 with Intellidrive -- $199
6 foot straight line track

Why move your light?

Moving one light on a 6 foot rail should increase your light's area of coverage by approximately 1.6. This translates into lower operating cost due to higher single light yields. The lumens produced by a grow light decrease the greater the distance from the bulb. To avoid plant killing heat associated with stationary grow lights, the bulb must be kept at a greater distance from the plants. For example, your plants end up getting far less lumens than you are actually paying for.

By moving your light, you may run a tighter plant to lamp tolerance (using more of what you are paying for) without generating plant killing heat. Again, this translates into lower operating cost through higher yields. Moving your light from one end of your garden and back will give your garden light at a much greater variety of angles. This allows more light to reach the foliage at the bottom of the plant, which is normally shaded by the foliage at the top of the plant. As a greater portion of the plant takes part in the process of photosynthesis, lower operating costs result from greater yields.